Face 75P

Fingerprint Scanner 7″ Android Face Recognition Doorphone

  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Android OS with SDK/API for secondary development
  • Horizontal HD 7-inch touch display
  • Dual cameras for face recognition and live detection
  • Full numeric buttons

Model Overview

How About a Fingerprint Scanner in Access Control Machine

Basing on Face 75, Face 75P is carrying a fingerprint scanner for some commercial scenarios and public transport,

for access control, time attendant, video intercom with multiple methods.

It also developed on Android OS, with 7-inch IPS display, dual cameras and card reader.

Welcome to integrate with your software by our Android SDK/API

Main Features

Facial Recognition

Fingerprint Scanner

7-inch Touch Display

Dual Camera

Android OS


Second develop

Card Reader

Touch Numeric Buttons

Main Advantages

What You Can Do with Face 75P?

Face Recognition

Video Intercom

Time Attendant

More Possibilities

Fingerprint Scanner

for ID Recognition

More Possibilities in Face 75P

A Great Hardware to Support Different Projects

Android OS

Provide SDK/API to easily integrate

with your software

7″ IPS Display


1920 x 1080

To show more wonderful things

Dual cameras

Support face recognition & live detection

Detection speed: < 2s
Detect Distance: 0.5m to 2.5m
10,000 face with 1:N database

Card Reader

NFC supported

100.000pcs supported

Various Door Control Methods

Always one for you

Face Recognition

Mobile APP

Indoor Units



Mobile Phone Bluetooth

QR Code

Cloud Platform, Flexible Deployment

Can install Cloud software in your local

Hardware Details

Download Datasheet

Cases Sharing

European Enterprise 

To support facial recognition, video intercom, door access control and time attandant.

Multi-Office Buildings

Support video intercom, access control and time attandant in each offices.

South Asian Hospital

Fase pass in each entrance for staffs in hospital by face recognition.

Asian Factory

Set for factory to have access control, video intercom and time attandant

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