EU-3 | Handheld EU Code Scanner
Support to recognize EU Digital COVID QR Code

This portable handheld scanner can recognize the EU digital health code. With a stronge hardware but competitive price, this terminal plays and importance role in smart access control in this special time.

  • Can recognize EU digital health code
  • Portable mobile handheld terminal
  • Android 9.0 OS, open to your platform
  • 4G SIM wireless connection
  • 2.8 inch iPS touch screen
  • Built-in 8MP camera, 4600mAh battery
  • IP54 waterproof protection
Make Traverl Smoother And Life Back to Normal
Main Features
Mobile Handheld
Built-in battery and wireless, portable mobile handheld scanner
EU Digital Code
Recognize EU Digital health code, interact with code platform
Android 9.0 OS
Android 9.0 OS, can integrate with your platform for second develop
SIM 4G Wireless
Support 2/3/4G SIM card, VoLTE, can customize different bands
Haredware Details
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