EU Health Code Scanning Solution

A solution to recognize the EU Digital COVID code with multiple forms of terminals for various scenarios.
To identify quickly, to pass efficiently, makes travel smoother.
Solution Panorama
In the current situation of COVID pandemic, many countries are actively promoting and deploying the health QR code, to help manage and control more effectively. But how to identify the health QR codes quickly in different scenarios?

We specially launched this solution, with various types of smart terminals, to identify the health code quickly, interact with online code platform and feedback results with a fast way.

  • How to use?

Basing different need, set different forms of terminals in each entrance and exit. These terminals can be desktop stand, handheld, fixed wall mounting, ground standing, etc. When passing gate, they can fast recognize and feedback the status of health QR code, to achieve the features of effective access controlling.

We also provide a wealth of interfaces to access with other platforms. Welcome to connect with our teminals if any third party platform.



  • Who are the beneficiaries?

Government, enterprises, and other institutions deploy these smart terminals of this solution into each entrance and exit, to help the life back to normal, and make the travel smoother.

This solution is good to use in office buildings, communities, factories, construction sites, hospitals, airport, railway stations, school, etc.

Typical Scenarios



  • Users open the health QR code on their mobile phones.
  • When passing the gate, show health QR code to the terminals
  • Terminals will fast recognize the health code, and interact with online code platform, and feedback result on terminal scree
  • This solution is popular in various scenarios, like office buildings, communities, factories, construction sites, hospitals, airport, railway stations, etc.
Multiple Forms
Multiple forms of terminals, for desktop stand, mobile handheld, wall mount, turnstile, ground stand, etc.
EU Digital COVID
Can recognize EU Digital COVID health code by our terminals, can power on and use with EU Digital COVID code
Response Fast
Android or Linux system, response speed less than 300ms, temperature measurement accuracy ±0.3 (EU-8)
Full Range Cost
Various models covering different price range from basic end to high end, always one good for your needs
Interfaces Access
With stable Linux/Android system, provide rich interfaces to access with 3rd-party platforms (EU-8)
Recommended Models