All-in-one IP Phone Solution

For Global Telco Providers

  • SIP | SIM | PSTN
  • Call by SIP, VoLTE, VoGSM, Analog PSTN
  • Connection by IP Wired, SIM Wireless, WiFi


To Expand SIP Service

with Cost-competitive SIP | SIM | PSTN Phones

Compatible with SIP, SIM 2G/3G/4G, PSTN Analog, Tantuns IP phones are special for global telco providers

to accelerate and upgrade your telephony business with cost effective solution.

The 4G IP phones can help to extand SIP service to the non-wired place with 4G wireless, with VoIP and VoLTE supported.

The PSTN IP phones place a great role in transitinal stage of telephony service upgrading from PSTN to SIP,

supporting call by Analog phone line and SIP, for example to optimize telephony service to call in by PSTN, to call out by SIP.




Why Use This Solution?

Scenario 1:  Deploy SIP to Non-wired Place

Spcieal for

  • SIP or Mobile Telco providers

Recomended Models

  • IP2. IP3A, IP3B, IP5

Help for

  • Cost wiring reduction by wireless connection
  • Adding VoLTE / VoGSM for call backup
  • Increasing the number of SIM users

Scenario 2:  Upgrade Service from PSTN to SIP

Spcieal for

  • SIP and Analog Telco providers

Recomended Models

  • IP8, IP8+

Help in

  • Transitional stage from Analog to SIP
  • Keep Analog number to answer the call
  • Add SIP number to call out

Major Models Recomended

IP2 IP3 A IP3 B IP5 IP8 IP8+