MS703 | IP Intercom Indoor Monitor

Basic consumer-class indoor monitor

This model is the 7-inch indoor video intercom monitor with metal case, which is designed specially for residential buildings and commercial buildings.

With built-in PBX features, you don’t need to connect external PBX server. It can interact with our IP outdoor units, indoor monitors, other IP cameras, gas sensors, alarm sensors, water sensors, etc. As well it can compatible with mobile APP like Tuya, Alexa, Google.

Because the full solutions for video intercom and easy deployment, it plays an important role with a competitive price.

  • IP video intercom
  • Built-in PBX features
  • 7-inch touch display
  • Rich interfaces & PoE
  • Interact with other terminals (door units, indoor monitors, IP cameras, alarm sensors, etc.)
  • Compatible with Mobile APP (Tuya, Alexa, Google)

    Together for a shared future

    Main Features

    IP Video Intercom

    7″ Touch Screen

    Remote Door Control

    Built-in PBX Features

    PoE Supply

    Rich Interfaces

    With Other Terminals

    IP Camera Connection

    With Mobile APP

    With External Sensors


    Because all terminals connect by IP wired or IP wireless, this indoor monitor is very easy to be deploy into users’ field.

      • All terminals connect by IP networking
      • No need to use IP PBX, because server features are built into terminals
      • Can configurate and control by both terminals or mobile APP
    Haredware Details
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