Customized Service

Hardware Customization

Software Customization

We Customize Smart Terminals for You

Tantuns provide ODM service, to customize hardware and software for your special requirement. With rich experience in customized service, we can provide various solutions in Android and embedded Linux system. Executing the comprehensive ODM Service flow, both you and us can control the progress and quality of the customized product easily.

Areas of the Customized Products

In the following areas, we have customized special intelligent terminals for our customers, including telecom, enterprise, building/villa, healthy caring, hotel, etc. Welcome to contact us if you have any requirement to customize smart terminal,



Residential building

Healthy care


Various Solutions

To meet different needs, we can provide various hardware solutions, to customize your product, including Android, embeded Linux, etc.






Qualcomm 8953

Qualcomm 8909


Embedded Linux




Spreadtrum 9820


ODM Service Flow

Step 1

Sign Contract

Both parties sign contract, party A do 30% payment to start order

Step 2

Design ID

Around 14 days. Party B design product ID, Party A confirm the ID

Step 3


Around 45 days. Party B develop products, including molding, PCB, other element parts

Step 4

Trail Produce

Around 30 days. Party B arrange trail produce, Party A confirm trail-produce samples, Party A do 50% payment

Step 5

Bulk Produce

Basing on quantity, normally 45 days for 1,000-2,000 units. Party B arrange volume produce

Step 6


Party A do remain 20% payment, Party B arrange shipment

* Party A: the customer, Party B: Tantuns

Cantact us

Do you have any requirement to customize a product? Welcome to contact us, and disccuss for solution.