Tantuns PBX System

Cloud & On-premise Deployment Available


Empower your business with messaging, video meetings, contact center, calls and sharing from anywhere on any device.

Tantuns PBX provides a fully integrated modern cloud business unified communications system alongside advanced unified communications (UC) features including messaging, video meetings, sharing, and phone in one reliable, easy-to-use solution. The ability to innovate and create bigger ideas requires a real connection and clear communication. And the future is only going to demand more of it. That is why Tantuns PBX is making it possible for you to grow to your expectations, with less complexity in communications and more dynamic ways to collaborate using new cognitive calling capabilities.

Find out why Tantuns PBX is more secure, more scalable, more re-brandable, and more ready to serve your future business needs
than your existing legacy PBX infrastructure.

Feature Highlights

      • Multi tenant architecture
      • High performance: support maximum 100k users and can be scaled
      • White label solution, easy to rebrand the name, theme, logo, title, link, and client apps
      • Rich PBX telephony functionality, cloud or on-premise hosted
      • Full unified communications (UC) suite — enterprise messaging, video meetings, team collaboration, telephony, mobile apps, file sharing, and more
      • Carrier-grade security, reliability, and service quality, and active-active failover resiliency
      • An open platform that allows integrate with today’s leading business applications with open APIs, including free client VoIP SDK
      • Integrated the SBC
      • Microsoft 365 integration
      • Integrated Contact Center
      • Unified and comprehensive management portal
      • Consolidated systems eliminate the need for third-party services — easy to manage, simple to use
      • Consistent experience across devices modern, mobile-first approach
      • Centralized management of tenants
      • Real-time analytics, insights, and dashboards
      • Highly scalable platform for any enterprise size or growth rate
      • Web Portal based on domain or IP over HTTPS
      • Support seamless remote and multi-sites working
      • Unparalleled ease of use for end users and administrators

Highlight 1: Multi-tenants Mode

A multi-tenant PBX is a modern PBX that utilizes VoIP technology and is designed to support multiple tenants, on a single platform.
It helps in establishing a centralized control by allowing modification at different levels of usage permission for multiple users/tenants.

Tantuns PBX is a high-performance PBX that can handle up to 10,000 concurrent calls per server and has true multi-tenant capabilities, allowing service providers to work on a single infrastructure. Individual tenants are isolated into virtual PBXs, tenants are transparent and invisible to each other. Each of which holds all of the tenant’s data, configurations, and specific settings, making hosting the cloud PBX easy.

Highlight 2: Full-stack Suite

When you buy a business Unified Communications system, it is important to consider a solution that will serve all types of collaboration that go on in your business.
Tantuns PBX is an enterprise-grade collaboration suite. It is delivered with a full-stack bundle that provides the essential business calling features you need today and for tomorrow in all your collaboration activities: calling, messaging, sharing, meetings, etc.

We offer a complete suite that will delight your employees and your customers. Tantuns PBX is a trusted modern calling solution uniquely capable of serving large and multinational businesses, so you get the full benefits of quality, predictable costs, and reduced administrative complexity, with the power of Tantuns solution.

Highlight 3: Free SDK for Integration

Applications require the ability to adapt to your specific business needs, and to your technical infrastructure.
Tantuns VoIP SDK enables you to incorporate UC functionality into your environment, either by building complete custom applications, or by integrating with third-party applications.

By using our SDK, your communications can be more productive, reliable, and prepared to deliver the best customer experience.

Integrate Easily with Your Software/Hardware

WE can provide you the full SDK for you to integrate your software or hardware

with our PBX platform, in a very easy way!

  • Ready-to-use and shortest Time-to-Market
  • Screen Sharing
  • Voice and Video call over IP and LTE/4G/5G
  • File sharing, pictures, voice and video messages
  • Instant Messaging and Presence
  • HD Video conference
  • Standard based and rigorously tested for interoperability
  • Without any needs for complicated integrations or VoIP know-how.
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Support Xamarin, Swift, Android Studio, C#, VC, Xcode, JavaScript
  • Support iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, WebRTC

Highlight 4: Competitive License Plans

Licensed based on the user number
On the commercial side, Tantuns reduce your communications budget a lot. Tantuns License Plans simplify the transition, by giving you one way to buy Tantuns PBX license, whether you deploy in a cloud, or on-premises environment. With the right package of Tantuns license, you get the industry-leading collaboration tools for calling, messaging, sharing, collaboration, meetings, and contact center under one simple offer.

There are mainly two license plans optional for your needs, including the Annual License and the Perpetual License.

      • Annual License: get the license annually, including the SIP account license fee (The maintain service is free). The fee is same every year.
      • Perpetual License: get the perpetual license at one time in the first year. After that from second year, only a very small amount of maintain fee.

Plan 1: Annual License

Contains annual license fee and maintain fee,
total cost is same every year.

Plan 2: Perpetual License

1st Year: Perpetual license fee at one time. Maintain service is free.
2nd Year: Maintain service fee only
3rd Year: Maintain service fee only

Fee items paid every year in different plans

Plans Items 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year ......
Plan 1 Annual Plan License Fee
Maintenance Service Free Free Free Free Free Free
Plan 2 Perpetual Plan License Fee √ One-time buyout N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Maintenance Service Free

Highlight 5: Others

A lot of other highlights, like white-label for your brand, flexible networking by wired or wireless, SBC Edge for other virtual platforms, digital-first contact center, etc.

White Brand

Flexible Network

To 3rd Platform

Contact Center

Easy Configurate


Some Networkings

1. Different Platform Installation Modes

Tantuns PBX Platform can be installed into cloud server and hardware server, which can bring several different deploy modes for different needs, mainly including:

        • On Cloud: install PBX platform into cloud server, then terminals can register to cloud by network directly. This mode is good for the small and medium users.
        • On Premise Server: install PBX platform into the hardware server, and deploy this server on user premise site. This mode is good for the large size users.

Platform on Cloud

Platform on Premise

Click to check the requirements of hardware server or cloud server :

2. Multi-tenant Model

The multi-tenant mode of Tantuns PBX Platform is excellent for the users who have multiple branches in different cities or countries.

The terminals connecting to a Tantuns PBX, can make internal calls by free, even though they are in different branches or different cities, which reduce the communication fee effectively.

        • All terminals of IP phones can connect to Tantuns PBX platform by IP wired or wireless, no matter where they are.
        • If your cloud server is connecting with 4G cellular network, our 4G IP phones or mobile APP can register to Tantuns PBX by 4G cellular network directly.
        • Outbound trunks can be set for different tenants in different cities. (You can get the outbound trunks from your local telecom providers)

3. Flexible Connections

The connection between platform and terminals is very flexible, can be IP wired, IP wireless, SIM 2/3/4G cellular.

        • IP wired
        • IP wireless
        • 2/3/4G cellular

Connect by IP Wired

Connect by IP Wireless

Connect by 4G Cellular

WEB Managment Shows

The maintenance engineers can log in the WEB of Tantuns PBX, to configurate and monitor the status of terminals using.
On the WEB, you can get a great of convenient functions, especially the tenant management, SIP account management, call monitor, etc

WEB pages on PC/laptop/tablet

   Some Functions on WEB

        • Board card monitor
        • Add phone account
        • User group setting
        • Trunk setting
        • Billing setting
        • Contact center setting
        • Call statistics
        • Contacts setting
        • Advanced features
        • Voice main setting
        • Meeting configurate
        • IVR configurate
        • Queue configurate
        • Role configuration
        • Log records
        • Blacklist setting
        • etc.

Some Terminals to Connect

Tantuns all telephones can be connected with Tantuns PBX platform perfectly.

If you require video call or video conference, please focuse on IP9s, IP9, IP8 withe camera.

If you require dual-link connection, please select them referring to our below suggestions:


      • SIP+4G SIM cellular: IP3A, IP5, C5
      • SIP+PSTN Analog: IP9, IP8, IP7
      • SIP only: IP9s, IP7, C5s

** Note:

If you have own terminals, please kindly let us know the brand and models for double check. Tantuns PBX has be integrated with most main-stream IP phones.

IP9 Series

Android 11 Video Phone

SIP+PSTN, or SIP only

IP8 Series

Android 7.1 Video Phone

SIP+PSTN, or SIP only


Android Video Phone

SIP+PSTN, or SIP only


4G+SIP Phone

SIP+4G Cellular

C5 Seris

Android Cordless Phone

SIP+4G Cellular, or SIP only

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