Android Devices Open to 3rd-party Software

A solution with Android OS devices, system rooted or open special to integrate with 3rd-party software.

After compatible with your software, it can be launched into various industries.

Solution Panorama
Now there are so many excellent industry software in the market. Most of these software developers or system integrators are very strong in software, but lack in hardware.

That is why we propose this solution for all kinds of industry system integrators, to compatible their software into our smart hardware devices.

  • How to use?

Our smart hardware devices are open to compatible with 3rd-party software, and we can pack it into firmware after your integration. That is no doubt that, your various software in our hardware, will be more excellent solutions for various industries.



  • Who are the beneficiaries?

It is specially designed for various system integrators, to realize and upgrade their solutions, including but not only in this following fields:

video conference, remote healthcare, call center, the disabled service, smart home, hotel service, restaurant service, online education, etc.

Typical Scenarios



  • We have various smart hardware with all Android OS, from Android 5.1 to 11 OS for your choice.
  • Android system open to your software, and we can pack your APK into firmware after your integration, easiest to produce and deploy.
  • Various APP can be integrated for all scenarios, for example, online meeting APP for office communication, remote healthcare APP for the elder people or disabled people, video call center APP for the deaf people, video call APP for patient people in isolated room, etc.
Steps to Integrate
Android OS
Almost all Android versions open for your software, from Android 5.1 to Android 11 OS. Be open to integrate with your software, can pack into firmware for future maintenance
Different Sizes
Different sizes of display to show your software UI, always one good for your projects. Can customize special Android hardware if any special requirement
Advanced Parts
Advanced parts in our Android hardware, including Ethernet port, RJ11 port, USB, camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery, etc. Can customize if any special requirement
Recommended Models
Desktop 10
Some Cases
Asian Isolation Ward in Special Time
IP8/9 with customer’s video call APP, to provide a contactless way to communite among patients, doctors, nurses, family, etc.
European Sign Launguage Call Center
IP8/9 with video emergency APP, set for the disabled people, the elder who live alone, for video sign language call with call center
European Remote Elder Care
IP8/9 with video call and medical appointment APP in elder/doctor side, then can remote consultantion and emergency aid for the elder
Middle Eastern Hotel Guest Room
IP8 with customer’s hotel APP, set in each guest room, can support service book, food order, information query, call with reception, etc.